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Special Note about orders paid in BTC

All states are on sale for a limited time only.

get free dupes while supplies last***

Current sale prices are:

New York NNY: $150 $50

Wisconsin nWI: $150 $50

Connecticut: $125 $50 (600 dpi)

Illinois: $105 $50 (600 dpi) back in stock :)

Maryland: $105 $50 (600 dpi)

Arkansas: $105 $50 (600 dpi)

Florida:$150 $50 (600 dpi)**

Student IDs: $25

Prices do not include extra services that are available for purchase through my website such as Photoshop for solid backgrounds and custom digital signature generation for those unsure of how to upload their own signatures.

Payment Update: I now accept Western Union upon request for orders greater than $250. 




I am a boutique vendor and a perfectionist focused on providing extremely high quality products to my customers. When ordering through my site you will receive 1:1 communication and support directly from me. I will upload digital proofs of your ID before printing it, and together we will walk through any changes that may need to be made, and any special requests that you may need me to tend to. Feel comfortable in knowing that when working with Mr. Rep, you will always be receiving direct answers from the man himself.

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This website is only accessible through TOR, and all orders are secured with PGP encryption. Enjoy peace of mind when knowing that your order is encrypted through every step of the way.


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NNY added 120$

We have now readded CT MS oldNC   so we currently are offering IL MD AR CT FL MS oldNC


Keep in mind that for some states like IL MD NC  you may need to use an older dob  so your like 22 vs 21 as they updated the version  so people only recently turning 21 dob wise would have an newer version of it


having the older version is in no way make it unusable and its totally fine to have the version were doing as long as the issue date is from before they changed to the new version as the old version will still be good till like July 2020 before its phased out for like IL  some states have like 8 year expirations so will take longer

the old NC is for older people like dob in 1993  or before as i recall so keep that in mind.

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Processing Time

Current estimated processing time is around one week. I print and ship a week’s worth of IDs 1-2 times per week, and the weekday on which shipping takes place varies. That being said, I am committed to providing my customers with the fastest possible turnaround, and I will upload digital proofs of your ID to your order’s page within 24 hours of purchase.
I aim to get your ID out of my lab and into your hands within 14 days of purchase. Any customer experiencing delivery times >14 days should contact me personally through his or her order page and any issues that may have arisen will be personally dealt with by me.

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